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Action pictures coming soon,just have to get them developed.Use the back button on your browser to go HOME.
And you wont see any pictures of fords or chevys with stickers going to the bathroom on each other in here.Talk about intimidation,I wonder why you dont see a picture of them doing that to a JEEP

You feel it in your veins. The cold shutter of the transfer case as it glides to a halt into 4-lo. You crack your neck,take a deep breath and steady your grip on the wheel. A hint of caution hits you.. and then fades. All is behind you now. You are in control. You thrust the shifter into gear and slam the gas to the floor. The mudders grip to the loose dirt below you and propell you forward. The deep growl of the torque-filled engine jolts you forward. Then you see it...

A white knuckled grip to the steering wheel is all you can do to prepare..then you are in.You hit the mud pit,tires flaring..mud splatting..grin still intact. As you manuever your JEEP all becomes saturated in the muck. The smile remains. More mud coats the JEEP and you have finally reached your destination..JEEPERS HEAVEN.

IT IS AN OBSESSION BOYS AND GIRLS.I AM A MUD LOVER.IT IS A SICKNESS. IT IS MY AIR,MY LIFEBLOOD. IT'S A JEEP THING. YOU STOP AT THE END OF YOUR MUD RUN,UNBUCKLE AND STEP OUT OF THE JEEP. The smile is still there. Specs of light shine through your high beams and the mud pies begin to form near your feet. You feel alive...It's a JEEP thing baby..If you haven't done it you dont know it.


Please be patient,the pictures are worth the wait

Pictures of me about to tip,completly covered with mud,rock crawling,
trust me they are pretty cool pics.

Land Use Issues YOU can make a difference! Since the closure of the California deserts in 1994, the Wilderness lobby has focused on Utah. Radical green organizations have cast their greedy eyes upon Utah's exquisite redrock canyons and colorful deserts and are working tirelessy to steal these treasures away from the people. New Mexico is next on the list. Forces are already at work to deny us access to our public lands. By "us" I don't mean only 4x4's. The radical greens are out to stop any form of mechanized transport, including motorcycles, 3 or 4 wheel ATV's and bicycles. I've seen some 4x4er's look down on the bicycle crowd, and vice versa too. Let's work together, we must present a united front against the greens. We ourselves are to blame for the present state of closures. We haven't raised within ourselves the same degree of passion that unites the greens. We haven't used the avenues of government available to us to protect our rights. But it is not yet too late to make a difference. You must write letters to your representatives in government.

Please support your sport,join a local 4WD club in your area.There are those who want to abolish our freedom of fourwheeling.Visit this site--TREAD LIGHTLY TREAD LIGHTLY

My favorite JEEP saying's:

JEEP... there's only one
It's a JEEP wouldn't understand
Don't follow won't make it
If you can't get there in a better think twice about going
Most of the world is covered by water...JEEP covers the rest.
J.E.E.P....Just,Empty,Every,Pocket ("accessories")
JEEP is life...The rest is just details.
Real JEEPS dont leak...They just mark thier territory.

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